Online Mastering Session (stereo mastering)

Stereo mastering from 1 file L/R (wav/aiff) through Analog and Digital state of the art mastering gear from eMastering. Delivery online by we transfer or Dropbox. Normally within 5 working days.

Online STEM Mastering

Mastering with different instrument stereo groups (stems) to achieve more flexibility within the mix, regarding balances, levels, EQ etc. @eMastering we do stem mastering up to max 10 stereo groups. Analog summing is possible on request.  

Attended Mastering Session

Attended session possibility @eMastering. Feel free to join a session @eMastering. Besides witnessing the magical mastering process we are serving a tasty cup of tea and amazing cappuccino’s! Book your session here. 


Always wanted to know how to master your own tracks? Here is your chance to order a workshop Mastering. You work with high-end mastering gear and are guided by Erwin.


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